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Deprogramming process
Here I am going to explain the process of deprogramming how it goes through stages, revealing pieces at a time, to make memory retrieval more manageable. I think the higher self governs this process to protect the individual as much as possible .although often the trauma to be retrieved may be extremely hard and feel overwhelming with only the tiniest piece of recall.

By using a real example of a memory unfolding in recall. I can convey to you how the process works. In this instance the initial flashback the child was getting was one of staring at a candle.

I asked her to write out all she could on this e.g. I asked for what she was wearing? What was her hairstyle .what was the temperature? How did she feel? Then what could she see?
She could see past experience visually; in detail.
She wrote she was in red skirt, black shiny shoes, white top. Her hair was in a pony tail and tat she was sitting on a chair; in a dark room. But gradually the light from the candle showed some aspects.
Through writing this down I was able to ask more questions on it, like what is in the room, what shape is the room? She wrote the answers down and gradually she could see clearer and clearer aspects of the room, she could see boxes piled in the corner and a doorway and a window to her left. Then later she could see a candle holder (Hanukkah menorah), on the window sill. And a picture on the wall with horses on.

I must stress to begin with she didn’t have clarity of the room, like it was too dark ,but gradually like a clearing mist the vision came clearer.

I asked her to estimate her age. She recalled some man lifting her onto the chair; a normal house hold table chair.
Through the collection of details like hair style and height in relation to chair etc she estimated she was age 1 and half. Which sounded about correct, because she was returned to her mother age 3 and all programming happened in ‘care ‘.

A day after these revelations she became able to see clearly details on the man, he was white, wearing builders boots, jeans and a white t shirt. The following day after conflict in her mind she realised she recognised the man as her uncle we had seen a couple of times and she added that on those occasions she felt sick when she saw him. She didn’t know why.

She then recalled him coming in and out the room and saying something to her, but she couldn’t hear what, but could see his mouth moving.

I drew from her descriptions the room for her.

Through more deprogramming she then recalled staring at the candle burning in front of her.
After her uncle left the room she could see a woman in the candle , she said she was standing a bit like Jesus on the cross, her held down , a white woman looking sad, in a orange and yellow dress ;striped with diagonal. Lines.

She recalled sitting there and how it became dark then day light came and eventually her uncle came back, and through her looking to see what happened next she recalls he called her by a different name and she runs from the room happily out the door, down the hall way to a living room, furnished with settee TV, she describes each part of the route on the way to room. I drew what I perceived and she confirmed it. She was able to describe the next room again slowly, first furnishings, then whom was in the room. Which firstly was a woman from Ghana. The woman put her hand out to her side as if beckon her over. But first the child wanted to check to see if the woman was still in the candle flame. She ran back to the programming room, and yes she was still in the candle.

The next day she saw the mist of someone else gradually clear to in the room, it revealed to be her foster carer. She then was able to describe the whole room and garden, through French windows.
She then looked forward in time and they al walked down the hall to leave, passing the programming room, to the left was a street door. On leaving the uncle said bring her again next week. They then turned left and came to the bus stop.

This Childs memory is typical of those who suffered mind control; vivid visual memory , like photographic , once accessed able to remembering every detail , event recorded like video footage ,but also includes all other senses .e.g. smell, feelings.

I will give another example here to show you how the visual memory records. She remembered being given some drug via a fizzy drink , never spoke of but one day , once she could read she was able to report they drugged her with ginger beer , (obviously ginger beer is not a substance) but she had stored the design of the can and so could join to its name later. Incidentally after drinking the ginger beer became sleepy and remembers no more.

So back at the bus stop!
Along came a bus, what’s the number?
She tells me she can see the number but it keeps changing, alternating between 2 numbers. I take these details and search on the net for these routes.
I found one goes to foster carers home; and that is where we took the memory path to. She recalled the journey, changing buses and whom they met on route and getting off.

When she came out of the programming building I asked her describe what she saw, she saw a bungalow.
So I had the plan/layout of the property, and knew it was a bungalow on route of the bus. This is London, England and it is not common to find bungalows’ .I followed the route and near the end low and behold were some bungalows’. I walked all around the area and photographed every one that could possibly be the one she remembered, I got about 3 choices. Although none fitted perfect some detail was missing. I asked people around the area had any been knocked down. Since 1998? They said no!

I would have shown her, but life changed drastically around this time and didn’t permit any more time to do deprogramming.
The camera was smashed and the computer removed from my possession. So I need to photograph again, meanwhile I give you this info in hope that it demonstrates the deprogramming process involved. for those whom still question the validity of memory recalled by MK ultra /mind control slaves I hope the fact that this is a Childs retrieved memory , and one whom hates writing and especially hates writing stories always lacking imagination, although maybe deliberately. When she retrieved this she was aged 11.

I will bring you more but for now this is a start point.


After recalling this visit to be programmed she started to remember another visit.
This time she was taken outside in the garden; of the same house. She sat at the table with the same guy. Again she wore the same cloths, she could see in her memory he was speaking to her, but again what he was saying she couldn’t yet hear. She then recalled she finds herself up in the air, looking down on the garden; she can see herself up in the air and also at the garden table.

I told her this is what is called astral\projection and that in the world people argue of whether there is such a thing. Some people don’t believe it exists.
Learning this she looked surprised. As if how can people not believe?
She said yes but I can see I'm up in the air, I can go up further. I can see in all the gardens. I can tell you what’s there.

I asked her could she see herself in the air. Yes she said but everything is brighter. The white t shirt she is wearing on the ground is dingy, like when it’s washed with coloured. But in the air it looks bright white and new. And the guys t shirt on the ground is greyish but in the air green.
Then she sees her foster carer arrive and she finds herself back in her body. They leave.

It seems these same cloths were used repeatedly for programming; not just at this visits but other memories started coming forwards in the same cloths.

She now had got the hang of deprogramming and didn’t need me to guide her with questions to get it; she could now do it herself.

Around the time of doing the deprogramming the child expressed how every thing was starting to taste like vinegar. I suggested she tried to see if it could be deprogrammed and she started the process.

The same woman from Ghana, who had held out her hand at the earlier programming I mention, seemed to play a big role in her programming. The child told me she lived in the same flats as foster carer; I think next door.

She remembered being dressed in the same cloths and feeling very hungry. She could smell curry cooking in the pot (her favourite food). She asked the woman for some food. The woman gave her potatoes soaked in vinegar. She was so hungry she ate it then threw up. Every time she said she was hungry the woman gave her the vinegar soaked potatoes.

When she was returned from ‘care‘, she was extremely hard to feed. She would take for ever to eat her food. I later asked why she didn’t eat. She told me she did want the food, but couldn’t eat it, didn’t know why.

And I will add her that when she was gradually having increased contact with her mother, to be returned. The ‘social worker’ stated how she had come home to foster ‘carer’ saying she was hungry , and how this was vary rare for the child to say. Insinuating the mother hadn’t fed her.
Then when she was returned the foster ‘carer’ made a point of saying to the mother careful they don’t take her back for being underweight.

The child also had memories of this same woman taking her on train journeys and giving her sweets like dolly mixtures, but she recalls they were extremely sweet, like eating saccharine. Again on these occasions she felt extremely hungry.

Again she was wearing same cloths black shiny shoes, red skirt and white t shirt. Like a school uniform.

The woman from Ghana wore a red cardigan and always wore a scarf tied around her neck, most often leopard print.
The child recalled being very scared of her hiding under the woman’s bed when left with her, hoping to avoid her.

She also took her to a clinic where she was seemed by a ‘doctor’, in white coat. He would give her medicine for her cough. He spoke to the woman in the same language. On one occasion he came to the foster ‘carers’ home to deliver the medicine.  She said she always had a runny nose and cough. And yes I can confirm on the times I saw her at contacts this was true. She was always tired and had a cough/cold. and I remember the social worker whom had brought her giving her sweets every time she screamed for one, and her mother had a sandwich for herself, but the child keep asking for some with her hand, of course she got and her mother said, if I had known you would want my sandwich I would have brought you food, after that she did, chicken

The significance becomes clearer after I learnt that before programming takes place a slave is deprived of food, fluid and sleep for a few days.


Clock tower

She had another memory that the taste of vinegar brought forward (not after having vinegar, just when the taste came to her mouth. It was a memory where she was walking with the foster carer’s friend/neighbour, from Ghana. I will name her fringe for easy reference in future, she had a fringe and a bob hairstyle, very likely a wig, for she was black and a fringe doesn’t come easy. She was and round and ugly, her description from the child matched that of the ‘social worker’ I had encountered at the first case conference to get her returned to her mother. The one posing as another social working I have previously mentioned in my work; that looked very different in appearance. Fringe always wore the red cardigan and had shiny black painted shoes too.

On the occasion the memory was of them walking together. The peculiar aspect of the memory is that the child knows where they are for she is able to see in memory there is a clock tower behind them.

I was baffled as to how she could see behind herself. I asked how, was she looking back or remembering passing the clock tower? She said ‘no, she doesn’t know how but she could see what was behind her.

Now with the memory deprogrammed of astral projection I will assume somehow that aspect was involved.

As I've said before memories come in little fragments and need attention focused on them to reveal what else is accompanying them; it’s like they are windows /doors to enter by and once in can offer all aspects of past experience.

Often on recalling one event another is brought forwards.

Another small fragment was of her being in Fringes house, but this time in her previous flat; which apparently was diagonally placed in the same block as the foster carers; before she moved premises also. In this memory she sees she is in her room and her mother has come to see her. Again I was left confused and said top the child, your Mum wasn’t allowed to see you at carers, let alone Fringes. They had made up some reason she couldn’t but allowed the dad to then he/social services at case conference rubbed it in.

She said ‘mummy is wearing those jeans with the blue velvet on them. I know these jeans, I had given her them when she was a client. I had got them from my sister; I was too fat for them.

I assured her what ever is in that memory know that mummy was not her normal self , as she must have been in another alter ; if she did anything wrong know she wouldn’t want to.

This was a complicated situation for although the mother had asked I helped deprogram the child, she insisted I did not tell her any of her memories, for she was very stressed at that time and it could contaminate hers. So I couldn’t verify things.

Doll attachment

Whilst she was in ‘care’ she had a doll; a hard plastic doll, Black with hair like White dolls have, Black in colour, Baby size. According to her mother she loved that doll and took it everywhere, but when she was returned there was no doll, only suitcases full of little teddy type baby toys and an etch-a-sketch. Her cloths were few. Now with knowledge I gathered from her those cloths were ‘alter’ costumes mainly, if not all.
The etch-a –sketch made sense when I learnt the ‘Daddies’ (a name she was taught by them  to refer to them as but the behaviour she described of them was that of paedophiles) had come into the nursery to stop her drawing. Etch-a-sketch one shake and it’s gone, no evidence there then.

Because she loved that doll so much her mother bought her another for Christmas, but she only demonstrated abuse to the doll. She punched its face and bit its foot until it had half missing. She also would sit with it on her lap and her hand up its dress, or lay it on the sofa and pull its knickers down and top up. Her mother was angered by this conduct and destroyed the dolls cloths to stop her from continuing this behaviour.

She in later years told me how she hated the doll and the teddies and even one my mum had bought her, she tried so hard to love it, and because she loved my Mother so but just couldn’t.

Whist she was deprogramming things started to make sense. She had a fragment of memory of sitting on the floor of ‘carers’ house stabbing the doll she loved. She was near the hall way and another Black woman came in. this woman was slim and had a centre parting. She has also been in other memories the child recalled, she was ugly also. She sees the child with the knife and smiles, gently.
Then the child recalls putting the knife in her mouth, to which the woman then takes it away from her. The knife is a normal eating knife with no sharp edges.

This woman she describes sounds very much like the guardian adlitum for her case. She fits her appearance. Her mother says she looks like a horse. She had been so harsh and rude and inciting to the mother in the past that the mother had written a song about her. She titled it ‘The green eyed monster’
It began,
             ‘Hard faced bitch
              Probably a witch’ ….

But it was torn out of her book she used to write songs in.
I will add this guardian adlitum had called an emergency court hearing to claim the mother was sabotaging the case, when the mother reported to the police and social services that her child had serious signs of sexual abuse.
When I told her how he child screamed every time the mother had to return her to the foster ‘carer’ after contact , she responded ‘oh ,she has been with the foster carer for 3 years , since birth , I would be concerned if she hadn’t formed an attachment in that time.’

Soon after the child was returned, the guardian arrived unannounced one evening. The mother refused her entry but the guardian put her hand to stop the mother shutting the door, but the mother’s reflexes can be extremely fast and were and consequently the guardian adlitum's hand was squashed in the door.

Day later was a court hearing and knowing that this guardian had inspired the lyrics hard faced bitch, it surprised both me and the mother that she made no issue of this in court, even though her hand was bandaged to remind her.

Knifes and cuts
Another peculiar thing was the child sometimes had a scar about an inch or so long and about 1 cm wide, on her right shoulder. Sometimes it was more visible than others. The mother had told the allocated social worker ;( another one a Chinese man this time.) That the scar was there, but he reported to her and in his notes that he had checked and saw no scar.

When the child was around age 6 I noticed this scar wasn’t there anymore. I asked her ‘do you remember the scar?’ she said ‘yes’, I asked ‘do you know how you got it?’ she said yes they stuck a very sharp knife in her, and after they circled the knife around her arm, twice. She demonstrated to me how.

She also told me of having a knife cut her chest at the centre where heart is and another time lower down in womb area. She said the carer and this woman with parting did the cutting at top but a White man did in womb area.

At a home visit from, Social workers 2 attended as per normal. But this time one was an African woman, and she only came once. On this occasion she asked me about their English lesson the children were having. I answered, but as I answered I saw her eyes go yellow. I had never seen this happen before in my life, but I shut my mouth quick, thinking she looks excited about me talking to her. Normally I and the Mother were very short answered with ‘care’ professionals.

After they left I asked the child, have you ever seen peoples eyes got yellow. She told me yes when they did the cutting.

Care professionals seem to have played a part in this sinister side of the Childs life. One of the women whom came to assess the Childs home education ,whom was the head of for the borough was recalled by the child to have visited the nursery she had attended in another Borough and read a story to the children. She also was around for the 2 hours the child spent in school.

Ok, of we go the airport, the Childs mother is also deprogramming and we had had found if we went to places associated with the memories, memory regarding those places came much easier.

We were aware the mother had left the country many times all through her life and she had a memory of being taken to the` airport as child; so we went to Heathrow and Gatwick airport to see what memory came. Even on the journey there memory started coming in the form of her feeling sleepy…,

Arriving first at the car park next to terminal 4 Heathrow; she remembers being taken out of the boot of the car a ‘ Austin Princess’, brown. 

In the memory it was early morning. She felt in a drugged up state. As we walked towards the terminal she couldn’t see properly.She went in the toilet; as with much programmed behaviour shehad gone in toilet, and whilst in there recalled being there before and about 5/6 months pregnant. 

We then went to terminal 3, she recalled once when going through the gates to go to perform in Japan, it felt very strange. I filmed the area so she could continue deprogramming at home, but along with the loss of my computer and camera went the DVD I had made of the event and at the time security told me to stop 
filming , and so it wasn’t easy to continue and I have chose not to do again just for this blog.

The next part is a sign of divine intervention /synchronicity; for also she had a younger child  and he ,totally unknowingly had an object with him  that day (didn’t usually have with him) and he just did something with the object (nothing wrong or bad just playing) and he triggered the child who was deprogramming to go into shock –terror . Hence I'm not telling the readers. But he found it amusing; he was only a small child. The mother soon ended the behaviour. Later I asked the girl what was causing her to become so terrorised and I assure you the reader she is so one tough cookie normally.

She told me and so I suggested she tried to deprogram it out as this cue could be used in life against her and once recalled would no longer work.

She proceeded to do so. She also added that when we were at terminal 3 Gatwick she felt she knew the area. Through deprogramming she first recalled the logo on the tail of the plane then walking onto the tar Mac towards the plane from terminal 3.

I checked and yes it is correct that flights to Ghana via Ghana air ways is via Gatwick terminal 3.  Further deprogramming revealed to her (she was age 2 and half) the foster ‘carer’ and Fringe and an Asian man was with her. They all boarded the plane. And here is where the Asian man using the same object as her brother I mentioned earlier, same colour and did the same antic. And yes the man was using to trigger terror; the object wasn’t in no way planted with boy. It was a gift to him from my mother, just divine intervention. The man found it amusing and continued to do antic with throughout the flight.

This trip to Ghana I can confirm did take place; it was arranged prior to a court hearing for the mother to be assessed with child. It was asked in court on the same day that the judge agreed to the assessment they asked for to fly out for one month that same day to Ghana for holiday. This was after over a year of her jumping through social services hoops just to get assessment.

So assessment had to wait. One month until holiday over. According to the child she claims she remembers the day the foster ‘carer’ told her ‘boyfriend’ and how she kicked the toilet so hard in furry it hurt her foot. I add here for those that like to see retribution that the ‘carer’ was for ever going to hospital with her foot so that didn’t seem a sensible thing to do.

Boyfriend, yes the child had a ‘boyfriend’ an African man. When she was returned and taken to nursery she was so eager to tell everyone she goes to nursery and she doesn’t have to have a boyfriend. She was so happy with that fact.

Regarding when she got to Ghana she didn’t recall anything. No surprise really, for she was only 11 years old and big hidden traumas understandably remain hidden until she emotionally matures.

On her return one month later she was very skinny (the guardian adlitum said it was a very hot country and she didn’t like the food there) and at the assessment her mother did notice a chain around her waist. But passed it of as some sort of jewellery.

 It wasn’t until the child was brought to the mother’s house; in the process or gradually returning the child that the chain showed more meaning. Here the child was jumping up and down on the mothers bed, whilst social worker there to supervise. Her mother sees the chain around her waist and notices it is rubbing her skin. She looks for the clasp to open it. But there isn’t one. She proceeds to try and break the chain with her hands. The social worker says ‘no I don’t think you should do that ‘.but the mother decided otherwise and broke it. The child went into a trance instantly for a short moment, and then seemed normal. The following day the mother tells me what happened; when I visited her at her house. I asked to see the chain, she showed me and I suggested we put it somewhere as evidence. She agreed and I put it in my pocket and we left.

We decided to put it at the grave of her ex whom was battered in custody by police.  He had containers for flowers on his grave. After putting the chain in my pocket I began to feel flu like symptoms. I didn’t associate it with the chain until I placed it in the container at the grave. There was rain water in it and I believe it dispersed what ever from the chain .the flu symptoms noticeably disappeared instantly. The chain has been removed from grave by someone since.

Soon the mother was allowed to take her out on her own; collecting and returning her to the foster ‘carer’. When ever the child was taken into McDonalds toilets. Maybe 2-3 times, she would then and only then ask where is the chain.

On her return to live with her mother the ‘carer’ gave her a photo album with photographs of the child. On the first page was photographs taken of her standing naked in a tin bath, in the middle of a mud hut circled area. She was very skinny in photo and had the chain around her waist.

I will add here, as it fits; sometimes it was not only Africans she was left with, there was also an Asian woman whom lived upstairs diagonally in the same block the ‘carer’ had later moved into. Also she told me of being left with white people too.

I asked her from very young, were any of them ever nice to her. She said ‘No, only sometimes they were nice but then after were nasty to her, she added the other children were nice though.

More to follow……
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